Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a demo about the product
How to sign up for free trial?
How much does each plan cost
We have different plans from free trial to premium plan
Click here for the pricing
To sign up for free trial click https://billcrop.com/register
How do I contact or sign up for newsletter
How secure is the website, server and my information?
  • We follow the best security standards for data protection, personal data, health information protection, spamming protection 
  • Billcrop.com is owned and managed by AkoalgTech, and its hosted and managed by elite team
  • For more info about our data center, security please visit https://akolagtech.com/datacenter
Do you have any reviews about the company?
Yes we do have reviews about our customer, please click on the link below to check the reviews, we also have google reviews 
Note: billcrop.com is owned and manage by Akoalgtech
What type files and size does the file manager support
Currently the file type and size are set  to default level, and the settings can be change based on need basis
FIle manager support: